Kamni is personally meeting clients by appointment in Manhattan (limited days) & Hicksville, Long Island as well as working remotely offering virtual consultations by appointment. Production time is 3-5 weeks. 

working remotely with kamni

Working remotely with kamni
Working remotely with kamni
Working remotely with kamni

For clients outside of New York City communication is mainly done through email with occasional phone calls, texts and whatsapps as necessary. None the less, the process is very informative, personalized, and fun!

Our website allows for our clients to make their diamond and/or engagement ring purchases online. However, if you prefer a more hands on approach and want to work with Kamni or a member of our team then please see below.

The Process

  1. Fill out a Get Started Form (we have a few).
  2. Center Stone:Once we understand your criteria, timeline, and vision we will email you a virtual diamond selection which includes:
    • A video presentation of 4-6 loose diamonds side by side that are within your criteria/budget and prepared and on hold exclusively for you to select from.(Our media team produces this in house with lovely music as we showcase the diamonds side by side in different angles and sometimes we post them to social media to get our followers’ opinions.)
    • Individual videos of each diamond under 10x magnification.
    • GIA certificates of each diamond.
    • A spreadsheet of all of your options for easy comparison.
    • An honest and detailed analysis of each diamond by Kamni.

    Diamonds are exclusively on hold for 3 days to make a decision. The virtual selection process is prepared only once per client unless there was a mistake or change in the criteria and circumstances.

  3. Ring Design: If you know the style ring you would like we request you share images or links with us from our website or Instagram. You may also share Pinterest pages or other inspo designs you may have. We can customize this along the way and guide you with recommendations based on the diamond you select as the center stone.
  4. We will email you a formal detailed invoice and payment instructions. A 70% deposit is required to remove the diamond from our inventory and begin the custom design process.
  5. Within 3 days of receiving the deposit we will email computer images of the proposed design for your approval.
  6. Within 3-5 weeks you will have your completed ring (insured shipping with signature upon receipt). If you have a date you MUST have the ring by, let us know. As long as it falls within 3-5 weeks we will make sure you have it. If you need it sooner, let us know, we can make miracles happen from time to time as needed.