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Fluorescence Diamond
  • What is fluorescence?

    Fluorescence refers to the reaction of minerals within a diamond to ultraviolet light. Under ultraviolet light, diamonds with fluorescence will glow varying degrees of blue. Fluorescence refers to the strength or intensity of the diamond’s reaction to long-wave UV, which is an essential component of daylight. The degrees are none, faint, medium, strong and very strong.

  • Why is it important?

    Fluorescence on its own isn’t necessarily as important as many sources will make it seem. In the overall process of picking a ring it doesn’t play a very large part. The Gemological Institute of America, or GIA rates fluorescence on a scale from none to very strong and states that 25% to 35% of stones exhibit some kind of fluorescence. Only 10% of those show strengths of fluorescence that may affect appearance (i.e. strengths noted on laboratory reports as medium, strong, or very strong. Some diamonds with extremely strong fluorescence may appear hazy or oily; fewer than 0.2% of the fluorescent diamonds submitted to GIA exhibit this effect.

  • How does fluorescence affect price?

    While it is possible to get a slight discount on a stone with a higher rate of fluorescence, keep in mind that for investment purposes it isn’t practical. Industry wide diamonds that fluoresce aren’t valued nearly as much as diamonds that don’t. So if for instance you decide to upgrade a piece later in life, the value of the initial piece of jewelry simply won’t be there. The Designs By Kamni upgrade policy does guarantee that if you buy your ring from DBK and later decide to upgrade with us, we will apply your diamond at 100% of its’ initial value towards an upgrade (additional guidelines apply to this). If however, this isn’t a concern, or you have a very specific design and budget in mind then you can get a slightly better value with a fluorescent diamond.

  • To fluoresce or not to fluoresce?

    When researching that perfect diamond, fluorescence can seem a little bit daunting. However, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not anywhere near as important as the piece itself. The time, effort, and care that go into making a custom engagement ring is what makes it priceless. Don’t let the idea of fluorescence mar what is a once in a lifetime experience.