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The Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds have a square shape with rounded corners and usually have larger facets that increase their brilliance. Although cushion cut diamonds, once known as old mine cut diamonds, have been around for almost 200 years, there are many variations to how this shape of diamond gets cut. Due to the standards of this diamond varying more than most other shapes, personal taste usually is the deciding factor as to which is the best choice. Some cushion cut diamonds have a “crushed ice” look (known as modified cushion) which is similar to a radiant cut diamond while other cushion cut diamonds sparkle more like a round brilliant.

This diamond shape is definitely the second most popular for engagement rings, after the round cut. Our team of experts works with cushion cut diamonds frequently.

Cushion cut diamond

The table below may be used as a general guideline for evaluating the cut grade of a cushion cut diamond:

cut grade of a cushion cut diamond